[Styled Shoot] Festival Vibes at The Giraffe Shed

Oh hi there! I’m very excited to share these pictures with you. I’ve been looking for a good quality wedding styled shoot for years, and it could be the law of attraction or just luck but I saw Jade Maguire looking for an MUA on a shoot she was doing. It was a festival mood board and involved glitter, so of course I was in!

There are some incredible wedding suppliers that worked on this shoot, and I will link to their websites down below. I did makeup on both models, and because glitter was involved I went for natural, simple makeup to emphasise CJ’s gorgeous features. I used some concealer, powder and bronzer on Christian to even out his skin tone.

Ypdws Elin Wyn did the hair and gives me serious inspo! She is amazingly talented!

Luna Glitter Bar – obviously I love the glitter and jewels she did! So cool.

The first set of images are by Jade Maguire. So lovely, super cool style and very creative and talented!

The second set are also gorgeous, these are by the lovely White Crescent Photography – love love love!

Supplier Credit

Photography https://www.jademaguirephotography.uk/

Photography https://www.whitecrescent.co.uk/

Dress https://shikobabride.com/

Model http://www.theunidentifiedrocker.co.uk/

Model https://www.cjcarpenter.co.uk/

Jacket https://www.opheliarose.co.uk/

Cake https://cowandcake.co.uk/

Flowers https://www.instagram.com/bizzilizziflowers/

Styling https://www.bespokeeventsandstyling.co.uk/

Newpaper https://www.photopressuk.co.uk/

Stationary https://www.knockknockpennystudio.com/

Lighting https://peterlockwood.co.uk/wedding-lighting/

Glitter https://www.lunaglitterbar.com/

Hair http://www.ypdwselinwynbridalhair.co.uk/

Venue https://www.thegiraffeshed.com/

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