The business side of being a Beautician

How lovely is the weather, guys?!

So I have been super busy the past month with lots of nail bookings, weddings and spray tans. It all sounds fun (and it is), but there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than just carrying out the beauty services.

Scheduling, replacing broken equipment, trial and error of equipment/products/colours, keeping on top of finances, marketing, admin…SO MUCH! It is melting my brain a little bit, eek!

My focus at the moment is on branding, there is a lot to think about! What I have found is that I need to figure out my ‘ideal client’, decide my unique selling point (USP) and niche, then go about designing everything to make sure my brand attracts these people. Getting it right is very hard! It is interesting though.

 Brand designs by  Studio Spence
Brand designs by Studio Spence

Deciding on colours is tricky – I think I know what I want, but the colour is everywhere at the moment. Will it make me stand out? Will it be too boring and make people roll their eyes because it has been done already? What is the new ‘must have colour’ (seriously, people get paid to write articles about this stuff, it’s ridiculous)? Do I want a new logo? Do I want to outsource the design for my logo and website or save money and do it myself?

So yes, there is a lot going on in my head at the moment! Watch this space, once I have decided what I want my brand be, you will see changes everywhere.

Thanks for all the support so far, it is spurring me on to make this business a full time thing!

Much love xx

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